V. Appendices

Table of Contents
A. Sample Router Configuration Scripts
A.2. Crossbar.cf
A.3. Process.cf
A.4. Rrouter.cf
B. Scheduler's Configuration File Samples
B.1. scheduler.conf
B.2. scheduler.auth
C. Using ZMailer with Mailinglist Managers
D. Adding new transport agents
E. Internal File Data Formats
E.1. ZMailer's Files and Formats
E.2. Envelope Header Lines
E.3. Message Control File
E.3.1. Format
E.4. Database File Formats
E.4.1. The dbases.conf file
E.4.2. Aliases File
E.4.3. FQDNAliases File
E.4.4. Routes File
E.4.5. Localnames
E.4.6. Otherservers
E.4.7. Iproutes
E.4.8. Fullnames
E.4.9. Userdb
E.4.10. Expiredaccts
E.4.11. Active (newsgroups)
E.4.12. Aliases.ldap
E.4.13. Fqdnaliases.ldap
E.4.14. Mailbox File
E.5. Scheduler Statistics Log
E.6. Syslogged Log Formats
E.6.1. Smtpserver's Syslog Format
E.6.2. Router's Syslog Format
E.6.3. Transport Agent's Syslog Format
F. S/SL Language
F.1. S/SL Introduction
F.2. S/SL: Identifiers, Strings and Integers
F.3. S/SL: Comments
F.4. S/SL: Character Set
F.5. S/SL: Source Program Format
F.5.1. S/SL: Notation
F.5.2. S/SL: Programs
F.5.3. S/SL: Input and Output Definitions
F.5.4. S/SL: Error Signals
F.5.5. S/SL: Type and Mechanism Definitions
F.5.6. S/SL: Types.
F.5.7. S/SL: Mechanisms.
F.5.8. S/SL: Rules
F.5.9. S/SL: Actions
F.6. The Syntax of S/SL
G. RFC821
G.1. RFC821: "MAIL FROM:"
G.2. RFC821: "RCPT TO:"
G.3. RFC821: "DATA"
H. RFC822
H.1. RFC822: "From:"
H.2. RFC822: "To:"
H.3. RFC822: "Cc:"
H.4. RFC822: "Subject:"
H.5. RFC822: "Date:"
H.6. RFC822: "Sender:"