SENDMAIL(8zm)                                                    SENDMAIL(8zm)

       sendmail - zmailer sendmail emulation and mail submission interface

       sendmail [-C configfile] [-EimqtUv] [-b[msdtip]] [-VenVid] [-Bbodytype]
                [-Nnotify] [-Rhdr-ret]  [-faddress]  [-Ffullname]  [-raddress]
                [-o[i|Qpostoffice]] [address ...]

       This  sendmail(8zm)  program  is  an emulation of the original Sendmail
       interface.  It provides all the original options that it makes sense to
       support in the context of ZMailer.  This is not intended to be the nor-
       mal user interface to mail, rather it is used by old  User  Agent  pro-
       grams,  e.g.,  Mail(1), to submit mail.  This mechanism has been super-
       seded by the zmailer(3zm) library routines  as  the  native  submission
       interface (Application Program Interface) for ZMailer.

       The default action is to submit the RFC822 format mail message expected
       on stdin to the mailer, with the addresses listed on the  command  line
       as  recipients.   If  there are no recipient addresses specified on the
       command line, the mailer will infer them from the message header.   The
       sender  is the account of the current userid, except for root where the
       preferred sender is the account of the current login session.  The mes-
       sage terminates when a period is seen by itself on a line, or at end of
       file on the input stream.

       If the message submission fails immediately on the mail_open(3zm),  the
       data  on stdin will be appended to a dead.letter file in the submitters
       home directory.

       -bm    asks sendmail to deliver  mail,  which  it  does  anyway.   This
              option has no effect.

       -bs    will  start  an SMTP server reading from stdin.  This causes the
              smtpserver(8zm) program to be executed.

       -bd    starts the router(8zm) and scheduler(8zm)  programs  to  emulate
              Sendmail's  daemon  mode.   This  is not a recommended method to
              start these programs, instead use zmailer(1zm).

       -bt    runs the router(8zm) in interactive mode for testing.

       -bi    runs newaliases(1zm) to rebuild the alias file database; This is
              not  a  recommended  method to start these programs, instead use
              zmailer newdb

       -bp    runs mailq(1zm) to print the mail transport queue status.

       -C configfile
              specify the router(8zm) configuration file.

       -E     indicates the origin of this message  is  an  insecure  channel.
              This  should  be  used  when sendmail is used to submit messages
              coming in from outside the  local  machine,  to  avoid  security
              problems  during message processing.  This flag ensures the mes-
              sage will have no privileges  even  if  the  current  userid  is

       -f address
              specify  the  sender  address.   This  is the default originator
              address if there is no From: header in the message.  It  becomes
              the  Sender:  address  otherwise.  In either case if the current
              userid is not "trusted" by the mailer, it is free to ignore both
              this  option  and  any  header  information  to  ensure properly
              authenticated originator information.

       -F fullname
              specify the full name of the (local) sender.

       -i     tells sendmail to not use a period ('.') on a line by itself  as
              a  message  terminator,  only the end of file will terminate the

       -m     asks the mailer not to ignore the originator  in  the  addressee
              list.   This is default behaviour, so this option has no effect.

       -oi    is like -i.

       -oQ postoffice
              specifies an alternate POSTOFFICE directory.

       -q     asks for queue processing.  This option has no effect.

       -r address
              is like -f.

       -t     scan the RFC-822  headers  for  recipient  addresses  in  "To:",
              "Cc:",  and  "Bcc:"  headers.  The "Bcc:" header will be deleted
              before processing continues.  Any addresses in the argument list
              will be ignored.

              In case no addresses are given in the argument list, this is the
              default operation mode.

       -v     will report the progress of the message after it has  been  sub-
              mitted.  The sendmail process will write verbose log information
              to the stderr stream until the scheduler deletes the message.

       -V envid
              sets Delivery-Status-Notification  parameter  ENVID  to  be  any
              arbitary [xtext] string. (Format verified!)

       -N notify
              sets Delivery-Status-Notification notify parameter to be: NEVER,
              or any combination of: SUCCESS, FAILURE, DELAY.

       -R retmode
              sets Delivery-Status-Notification parameter  to  be  either  of:
              FULL, HDRS.

              This  environment  variable  is  expected  to  be inherited from
              caller, and it tells where callers idea  of  ZENV-variables  are
              located at.

              If it isn't present, system compiled defaults will be used.

              If this is present, but bad, you are screwed...

       Those that zmailer(3zm) library uses:

                     variable  defines  textual fullname, for example: "Sample

                     variable defines user@node format of what user  wants  to
                     claim as his/her own address (it must match those of mail
                     router accepts.)

       One of its own:

                     This  is  used  to  set  zmailer(3zm)  library   variable

              Used by zmailer(3zm) library.


              For compability's sake: When being invoked as:
                     sendmail -bs
              do start the smtp-server in the system.


       /opt/mail/zmailer.conf   (ZCONFIG)
       /var/spool/postoffice    (POSTOFFICE)

       zmailer(1zm),  zmailer(3zm),  router(8zm),  scheduler(8zm), mailq(1zm),
       newaliases(8zm), zmailer(3zm), zmailer.conf(5zm).


       This program authored and copyright by:
          Rayan Zachariassen <no address>
       Continued maintance by:
          Matti Aarnio <>

                                  2003-Aug-28                    SENDMAIL(8zm)