RMAIL(1zm)                                                          RMAIL(1zm)

       rmail - zmailer program to process incoming uucp mail

       rmail [-d] [-h somewhere] recipient...

       The  rmail  (1zm)  is usually invoked by a remote UUCP neighbour host's
       mailer using a command line like:

          uux - -r -asender -gC thishost!rmail (recipient1) (recipient2) ...

       The end result is the remote neighbour's uuxqt(8)  runs  rmail(1zm)  on
       thishost with this command line:

          rmail recipient1 recipient2 ...

       In both cases, a UUCP format mail message is on the standard input.

       The  task  of  rmail(1zm)  is to transform the trace information in the
       UUCP format message to the equivalent RFC822 trace information, and  to
       submit  the  message  to  the  ZMailer router(8zm) with the appropriate
       envelope information.

       The expected input format looks like:

          From address3  date3 remote from host3
          >From address2  date2 remote from host2
          >From address1  date1 remote from host1

       followed by the rest of the message.  This is considered equivalent  to
       the following (as it might appear in a mailbox):

          From host3!host2!host1!address1 date
          Received: by host3 ... ; date3
          Received: by host2 ... ; date2
          Received: by host1 ... ; date1

       In  order  for  the  mailer  to  process the incoming message properly,
       rmail(1zm) must be run by a userid which the  router(8zm)  will  accept
       forged mail from.  This is normally the uucp account id.

       -d     turns on debugging output.

       -h somewhere
              will  use  the  argument as the default remote UUCP host name to
              use if there is no "remote from host" tag  in  the  first  From-
              space  line  in the message.  The default value for this is usu-
              ally somewhere or uunet (since uunet was a frequent purveyor  of
              this protocol violation).

       /opt/mail/zmailer.conf   (ZCONFIG)
       /var/spool/postoffice    (POSTOFFICE)

       router(8zm), zmailer(8zm), zmailer.conf(5zm).

       This program authored and copyright by:
          Rayan Zachariassen <no address>

                                  2003-Aug-28                       RMAIL(1zm)