ZMAILER(5zm)                                                      ZMAILER(5zm)

       aliases - aliases file for ZMailer

       .forward - user's .forward file for ZMailer


       All lines beging with `#' are comments.

       Lines begining with white space are extensions to previous line.

       This  file  describes  user  ID aliases used by zmailer(1zm).  The file
       resides in ZMailer's database directory, which usually has a symlink to
       this  file  from /etc.  Content of the file is formatted as a series of
       lines of form:

               name: name2, name3, name4, ...

       Each "name:" label must be valid RFC-822 localpart or  address  entity,
       and  the colon must not have white-space in between 'name', and itself.

       The labels may actually be quoted-strings in RFC-822 style:

              "with space":

       Valid labels include:

              "post office manager":

       The targets must be valid RFC-822 address  type  objects;  specifically
       following  BSD-Sendmail  type things do not work, and must be converted
       to RFC-822 format:

               bsd-name:  |/path/to/foo/faa,   \bsd-name
               zm-name:  "|/path/to/foo/faa", "\zm-name"
               both-name: user@somewhere, another@elsewere

DESCRIPTION (.forward)
       The .forward file contains addresses that  users  want  their  incoming
       email to be sent to.  It may be some program (like procmail), or it may
       be another address.  Some examples for user "user":

               "user", "|/path/to/vacation"
               "user", another@address

       BSD-Sendmail lets those addresses be written without quotes, however it
       is against RFC-822 rules.

       zmailer(1zm), sendmail(8zm), zdbases.conf(5zm).
       RFC 822

       The aliases file format appeared in 4.0BSD.

       This software authored and copyright by:
          Rayan Zachariassen <no address>,
       and by
          Matti Aarnio <>

                                  2003-Sep-08                     ZMAILER(5zm)