ZMailer technical homepage; mailing list

Mailinglist <>

There is a mailinglist on which you can subscribe yourself by sending this type of letter:
 $ Mail
 Subject: (irrelevant)

 subscribe zmailer

It being Majordomo, you must have consistent headers, or it barfs at you, and very likely refuses to work. (That manifests as silent failure to do anything...)

On that list you can ask "wizards" of the ZMailer to explain how you can get it to handle various odd things you might want to do, and get your system better supported by the base releases.

The list is configured as post by subscribers only, which does not mean you have to be a subscriber to post. List-admin gets non-member messages to be approved (or discarded). Alternatively you can subscribe zmailer-posters list with addresses you use when posting:

 $ Mail
 Subject: (irrelevant)

 subscribe zmailer-posters

Archive of the list is

Do browse it thru, your question might have been answered there already.

Search (including email web-archives):

Matti Aarnio's email address is;, and another at
While it may appear illogical, ZMailer questions should be addressed primarily to my address...