This is the release 2.99mea (before 3.0) of ZMailer.

All files in this distribution, unless explicitly marked otherwise, are:

Copyright 1992 by Rayan S. Zachariassen, All Rights Reserved.
Copyright 1992-1996 by Matti Aarnio <>; LOTS of modifications..

This release is freely usable, but since the documentation is not finalized a subsequent release is planned. Please do not redistribute this version unless you will make the final release similarly available.

Read the "Overview" file for information. More documentation is in doc/design/, and doc/guides/ directories.

See README.UPGRADING for possible important changes since the previous versions (and the details on the ChangeLog ..)

Current status of the various programs is:

	sendmail		release
	rmail			release
	smtpserver		release
	router			release
	scheduler		release
	zmsh			release
	mailq			release
	zmailer (script)	release
	transport agents	alpha/beta -- better MIME support needed
	manual pages		alpha -- need update
	other documentation	alpha -- need update
	configuration files	beta
	alpha			functionality change expected
	beta			functionality frozen
	release			implementation frozen except for maintenance
Any and all comments/critique will be appreciated, especially if constructive.

rayan 920709
mea 960809

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public list: <>
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