SSL(1zm)                                                              SSL(1zm)

       ssl  -  syntax/semantic  language  preprocessor,  for  parser  descrip-

       ssl [ -TLs ] [ -E Name ] [ -D type ] [ -h file.sst.h ] [ -t  file.sst.c
       ] [ -l file.lst ] [ -e file.entry ] [ -i file.ssl ]

       Ssl reads the input S/SL file, and produces C code. It accepts the fol-
       lowing options:

       -T     Trace S/SL processor execution

       -L     Produce a listing of the S/SL source program with table  coordi-
              nates in the left margin.

       -s     Summarize usage of symbol and output tables.

       -D Type
              Sets type of the S/SL table to Type. The default is int.

       -E EnumName
              Sets  name  of  the enumerated type list to EnumName, which will
              have nilEnumName as the first item in the  enumeration  (with  a
              value of -1).  The default is no name.

       -i file.ssl
              Input S/SL program file. The default is stdin.

       -h file.sst.h
              Output  C header file with the constant definitions for the pro-
              gram.  The default is
              `basename inputfile.ssl`.sst.h.

       -t file.sst.c
              Output C S/SL program table file. The default is
              `basename inputfile.ssl`.sst.c.

       -l file.lst
              Output listing of the S/SL program with table coordinates in the
              left margin, if requested with the -L option.  The default is
              `basename inputfile.ssl`.lst.

       -e file.entry
              Entry points file. The default is
              `basename inputfile.ssl`.entry.

       An  Introduction  to  S/SL: Syntax/Semantic Language by R.C. Holt, J.R.
       Cordy, and D.B. Wortman, in ACM Transactions on  Programming  Languages
       and  Systems  (TOPLAS),  Vol 4, No. 2, April 1982, Pages 149-178.  (The
       authors may be contacted through the Computer Systems  Research  Insti-
       tute at the University of Toronto.)

       Translated  from  Turing  S/SL  Processor  V3.01 by Rayan Zachariassen,
       Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto, February 1988.
       Original code by James R. Cordy, CSRI, University of Toronto,  14  Jan-
       uary 1980 (Revised 2 March 1983)

                                  2 June 1990                         SSL(1zm)